Collection: Special Order Scents

Welcome to the Special Order Scents.  Special order scents are prebuys with a fancier name :).  These scents are ran once a month for a week starting on the 1st and ending on the 8th with the orders being placed by me the next day.  ALL Special order scents must be ordered and paid for before I purchase them.

Some start at 1lb, some start on 2lbs and go up to 4/5lbs

They can take at least 2 weeks to process, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the Manufacturer, so please considerate that when placing an order.  I do not give refunds or store credits on Special Order Scents.  Once I place the orders it is out of my hands on how long the Manufacturer takes.  

Also a lot of these scents I never purchased as a maker so have zero clue what they smell like.  I try my hardest to find the exact dupe.  If it is not I do not give Refunds or Credits.  I know how you feel trust me I have bought a lot of scents in my Maker days thinking they were the same as others.  I never got refunded so I don't give refunds either.

If you are wanting to order Special Order and Regular and want them shipped separate please make 2 separate orders.  If you don't care then make one and I will ship the full order once the Special Order scents are in stock.  

Thank you
Westcoast Fragrances