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Grape Crush Pop

Grape Crush Pop

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Indulge yourself with this effervescent aroma of Kyoho grapes intermingled with fresh strawberries + orange blended with violet and creamy vanilla.  Smells like the real thing!
Top Notes: Grape, Strawberry, Orange
Middle Notes: Violet
Base Notes: Creamy Vanilla
Phthalate + Paraben Free
Vanillin:  0%
FP:  109.6F
Category 1:  0%
Category 2:  2.19%
Category 3:  0.64%
Category 4:  7.51%
Category 5B:  0.33%
Category 5C:  1.3%
Category 5D:  0.11%
Category 6:  0%
Category 7A:  0.64%
Category 7B:  0.64%
Category 8:  0.11%
Category 9:  2.97%
Category 10A:  2.97%
Category 10B:  18.78%
Category 11A:  0.11%
Category 11B:  0.11%
Category 12:  100%

Westcoast is not responsible for products made with any scents we carry.  Please test ALL products before selling and/or giving away.  It is your responsibility as a maker to ensure your products will not irritate skin or catch people's houses on fire (candles)

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